Weddings at Southwood

graphic: bouquet of white roses

A wedding is the Christian celebration of a couple’s love and commitment to each other and to God.

By choosing to be married by a representative of God’s Church, you are inviting God’s presence into your wedding and purposely asking for God’s blessing upon the marriage.

Wedding FAQ's

Who can be married at Southwood?

Due to the high number of requests, we only do weddings for couples who are members of Southwood. With membership comes expectations to be involved in the life of the church beyond your wedding ceremony. If you want to learn more about membership at Southwood, contact Jo or Emily.

Wedding couples are also required to attend Freed Up Financial Living and Building a Healthy Marriage classes. Both classes are offered twice per year and are usually held on a Friday evening and Saturday morning.

When and where are weddings held?
Weddings can be held:
  • Inside our Sanctuary
  • In our Outdoor Worship area:
    • Seats 50-75 people on existing benches
    • Additional chairs can be brought in by the wedding couple to expand capacity
Weddings are offered:

Weddings may be held on Fridays or Saturdays, no earlier than 2PM. 

  • For weddings at 4PM or 5PM, the wedding party may arrive at Noon or 1PM to enjoy a lunch at the church (provided on your own) and onsite photographs as this all takes about 4 hours.
  • For weddings at 2PM or 3PM, lunch and the majority of the photographs should take place offsite before arriving at the church.
What fees are involved?

To book a wedding, a Wedding Agreement needs to be signed and a $250 facility fee paid. This fee includes the use of the Sanctuary, dressing rooms, custodial fees and pre-marital counseling. An additional fee schedule for other services rendered will be provided when your wedding is booked.

How do I schedule a wedding?
  • Contact the church office by email or phone (402.423.5511)
  • Sign a Wedding Agreement and pay a $250 facility fee
  • Work with your assigned Wedding Coordinator to plan and personalize your special day
  • View additional details in our Wedding Planning Guide 

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