Conectados Para Bendecir

Southwood partnered with the Heart to Honduras organization in 2005, to build a church for the little village of La Ceibita. Since building the church, Southwood has shared a special relationship with the people of the church and community. We began our sister church relationship in 2006 and our churches have grown together and learned from each other ever since.

In 2016, the Conectados Para Bendecir ministry was started by Pastor Manolo with the church in La Ceibita. Conectados Para Bendecir means Connected to Bless in English and that is exactly what our churches do - we work to bless the people of both churches.

Working Together

Conectados Para Bendecir and Southwood partner to:

  • Build Homes & Pilas - construction of new homes in the La Ceibita, La Victoria and Casitas communities. Pilas are water reservoir and bathroom structures.
  • Provide Education - 7th - 9th grade classes at the church in La Ceibita.


Haley Janssen, Director of Proniño

Southwood is blessed by the work that Haley is doing as Director of Proniño, a children's home in El Progreso, Honduras. Her love for God and others is a shining light for children who have experienced so much darkness in their life.

Proniño and The Children's Home Project provide a safe home, education and a loving environment for children. The children arrive at Proniño through a variety of circumstances that often involve extreme poverty, abuse or exposure to violence. Some children live at Proniño for many years and some are there for only a short time. No matter how long their stay, they are each given unconditional love as well as basic essentials. They are given the opportunity to develop their self-worth and life skills to give them hope for the future.

We support Haley with 

  • Prayer
  • Financial donations
  • Team visits to Proniño
  • Wishlists for each child on our Giving Trees at Christmas

Learn more about The Children's Home Project

Honduras Serving

Short-term Mission Teams

Going to Honduras with Southwood is an opportunity to grow in our love for God and others together. Teams serve the people in La Ceibita and nearby villages alongside our Honduran partners. Each team has a unique purpose and experience but every trip includes:

  • Team meetings and activities in the months leading up to the trip.
  • Time in worship and fellowship with the La Ceibita church community.
  • Activities with local children and families.
  • Opportunities to learn local customs and culture.

Teams are led by Southwood Mission staff who coordinate all travel plans. Team members are responsible for the cost of their trip, getting the CDC recommended vaccinations, and attending team meetings. 

All team members are required to have a desire to serve others but do not have to be members of Southwood.

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