Southwood’s middle school DELVE ministry exists to help students delve into their faith.

Parents are supported as they fulfill their promise at baptism to provide for the Christian instruction of their child. Students are supported in developing the foundation they need to affirm their faith and to delve into a life of service to God and others. DELVE intends to help equip young people to honor Christ as their Lord, living with integrity and thoughtfulness as God’s children.

DELVE Content Overview 2023-2024

The outlined content is the schedule we intend to follow. Throughout the semester, and school year, things may change but we will be sure to contact parents to let you know of scheduling changes and conflicts. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Drew Jagadich at 

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What is DELVE?
DELVE is Southwood's middle school confirmation ministry for all 6th-8th grade students. DELVE seeks to help students better understand themselves and their relationship with God by providing a place for growth, conversation, belonging, mentorship, service, and fun.
Where and when do we meet?

We gather in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday nights from either 5-6PM or 6:30-7:30PM.  Small groups will gather for dinner, large group teachings and activities.

What is Confirmation?
Confirmation, also known as Affirmation of Baptism, is a Christian Protestant tradition that takes place in worship, in which an individual makes public affirmation of their baptism, baptismal promises, and their continued life of faith as an adult member of the church.
When are students confirmed?
DELVE is a 3-year confirmation program for students in 6th-8th grade. In the fall of their freshman year of high school, students have the choice to confirm their faith on Reformation Sunday.
What does it look like?
DELVE consists of Wednesday night gatherings filled with pastoral teaching, intentional small group time, routine service opportunities, and fellowship. Twice a month students will gather in small groups and learn from our Pastoral staff around topics of faith. Other weeks we focus on experiences of fellowship, service, and living out the themes they have learned during the prior weeks. It’s not unusual for high-energy games, prayer stations, hands-on service projects, curiously asked questions, and thoughtful teachings around God’s word to all take place in one night.
What's my role?
Students are encouraged to delve into their faith by consistently attending Wednesday night gatherings and live out their faith by completing four quarterly commitments per year.  Parents are to live out their baptismal promise and support their student in this journey. Families are encouraged to attend Sunday worship and explore ways to live out their faith together both within and outside of the church.
Is that it?

No, of course not!

  • Yearly summer mission trips
  • Serve Learning Opportunities (see below)
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Special events happen throughout the year.
graphic: DELVE Calendar

Service Learning Opportunities

Faith doesn’t live in a classroom.

Once per season students and their families are encouraged to live out their faith by serving at Southwood and in the greater Lincoln community. These projects are designed to incorporate students into the life of the church: from serving with our mission partners in the community, helping at VBS or Sunday school, to volunteering on Sunday mornings.

Students are encouraged to serve alongside their friends, family, and members of our church. New volunteer opportunities will be pushed out seasonally.

photo: youth serving in a garden

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Staff

Drew Jagadich

Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

office: 402-423-5511

Ally Tieken

High School Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

office: 4024235511

Kierstan Olson

Middle School Youth Ministry Coordinator

office: 4024235511